Saturday, February 07, 2009

No Man is an Island(er)

I am posting this from the Channelside Club in the St Pete Times Forum during the second intermission of the Lightning-Isanders game. My schoolmarm friend was given these tix and I am enjoying free food and beverage as I post this.

We thought we had regular seats, but ushers kept directing us to swankier and swankier areas and we ended up in a nice club. I'll never be able to sit with the great unwashed again.

Third period is starting. I'l finish this up when I get back home.

I'm back home.

The Lightning won 1-0. Tampa's rookie goalie was the first star. the guy was called up last week and this is his first NHL win and shutout. The second star was the NYI goalie who I believe is also a rookie. The goal this kid gave up wasn't his fault. A slap shot tipped by a guy screening him.

My schoolteacher friend was given these tickets because the owners did not want to go downtown the night of Gasparilla, which can be likened to Mardi Gras. But all the serious winoism was over by the time we got there.

The friend who got the tickets gave me a hard time for calling her the schoolmarm. I explained to her that it is a blog custom to use nicknames for privacy's sake.

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