Thursday, December 06, 2007

Another reason to stay married

Because it helps the environment. Little did the Fly and Ladybug realise on that blessed Sunday last August that they were shrinking their carbon footprint.

It took four university researchers to figure out what an area trashman has known for years: Divorce hurts the environment.

Elijah Thorne, founder of Grayhound Trash Removal Inc. of Bladensburg, Md., has seen divorcing couples throw away everything from wedding pictures and dresses to perfectly good furniture and even mattresses.

"It generates a lot of trash when households break up," said Thorne, who got his first trash truck 35 years ago. "They throw away a lot of stuff. Good and bad."

The authors of a study published last week in the journal Nature reached the same conclusion.
"By getting divorced you could have more impact on the environment," said Jianguo "Jack" Liu, a Michigan State University professor and co-author of the article.

Divorce not only generates more waste in the short-term, but also down the road: Along with shrinking fertility rates, longer life spans and higher incomes, divorce is contributing to a worldwide trend toward a greater number of smaller households, the report said.

Yes guys, it's better for the earth to hug your wife than to hug a tree. If you won't stay together for the mother of your children, at least do it for Mother Earth.

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