Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Thus it starts

The Mitchell Report is getting called a lot of things, and the leader in the clubhouse seems to be "unsubstantiated hearsay from someone with a vested interest in staying out of jail."

It is certainly less-than-substantiated, to put it clumsily, though an entire appendix is dedicated to copies of the various checks, money orders, and notes Kirk Radomski was given over the years. Hearsay, in some cases where a third guy overheard two other guys - but Radomski was a direct participant, so I don't think it's all cases. Vested interest, most definitely.

But now, some of the guys named in the report are starting to come out with apologies and mea culpae. Andy Pettitte, Dan Naulty, Fernando Vina, Brian Roberts... Roberts' is especially interesting in light of his employer, the Baltimore Orioles, issuing a statement urging people to be cautious while reading the Report.

Every time one of these guys joins the "mistakes were made" side of things, Radomski and the Report gain a little more credibility. As Sean Connery could said to Kevin Costner, everybody knows where the drugs are, Mr. Ness... but what are you prepared to do? And as the PTI guys said (and Ms. Sister reported in the comments here), this is only the stuff that Radomski or BALCO led to, and they still gathered up people from every clubhouse in baseball... how much more is out there?

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