Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Is this Pastor...

..some kind of clown?

The clown walked into church like he owned the place.

KoKoMo stood proudly in the sanctuary of Carrollwood Baptist, his huge white shoes planted firmly, his head-to-toe sequins glimmering, his nose and wig as red as a Christmas bow.It was no joke. KoKoMo was decked out for God.

The Rev. Tom Rives adopted his alter ego about 35 years ago and has used it ever since. The message delivered in his high-pitched voice is weighty for a clown: It is of love and salvation.

I want to remind you that the Christmas story does not end at the manger, that Jesus is more than just a baby eating, sleeping and filling his diaper. This story goes on to tell of a cross and an empty tomb. Now that's the Good News.
Posting a blog on Christmas Day. Yeah, I'm single.

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