Monday, December 24, 2007

On my list for next Christmas

This is the car I always expected to be driving when I grew up.

Oh HELLS YES!(pic © Aptera)

Of course, I always expected that it would fly, but you can't have it all. It looks like it could fly; frankly that's the whole point.

When Steve Fambro got bored building robots at a San Diego genetics company, he figured he could help keep his brain busy by building a kit airplane in his spare time. But his wife deemed the hobby too dangerous, so Fambro decided to build a car instead, one with low emissions and absurdly high mileage.

Let me just point out the most important part of this sentence. Hint - it's not "low emissions and absurdly high mileage."

When Steve Fambro got bored building robots at a San Diego genetics company...

The dude invented this car when he got bored BUILDING ROBOTS. Sweet Baby James.

Specs may change between now and autumn 2008, but the current numbers look like this: 300 mpg, a price tag below $30,000, and 0-60 acceleration of 11 seconds.

That said, yes, 300 mpg. This is for the hybid model, which carries two gallons of gas. Currently I get about 300 miles per trip in the Discount Chariot. I can get twice that on one-fifth the gas? I can fill 'er up for six bucks and go from here to North Carolina without stopping?

The Aptera's roof houses a strip of solar cells that serve double duty. In hot weather they power the parked car's air conditioner, keeping the interior cool for when the driver returns.

I want this thing so freakin' bad. George Jetson probably wants one of these.

There's also cameras instead of mirrors, to cut down on wind drag. (Hold on, I'm hyperventilating. Gimme a minute.) I wonder if they put the displays where the driver is used to looking, and flip the displays to be true mirror images. That would make it perfectly intuitive.

They're taking deposits of $500. When does my holiday bonus clear?

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