Friday, December 21, 2007

Dan Fogelberg started it

No, really. Go ask Ken if you doubt me.

Our replies were but a poor attempt to imitate fellow commenter Linda, because in her words, she's a big Dan Fan.

I associate that term with an entirely different recording artist, as you can probably figure out from my bloghandle. So, I guess it's on me to cook up some questions about their stuff. We'll warm you up with a few fungoes and progress to the real fun stuff. [UPDATE - I have added correct answers where given, and hints in Spoiler Vision™ where necessary. Turns out I made some of these way too crazy hard.]

  1. 1. What do you hide when you're able? [Black cards - Ken; Julie gets half credit]
  2. 2. When the shutter falls, you see it all in 3-D. What is it? [HINT - Peg is the one doing the seeing; but what is she seeing? (It will come back to you!)] **
  3. 3. We can stay inside and do this... [Play games - Ken, then Barking Spider]
  4. 4. The girls don't seem to care what's on... as long as what plays 'til dawn? [FM - Barking Spider. Bonus - nothing but blues, Elvis, and somebody else's favorite song - Spider again.]
  5. 5. She thinks I'm crazy, but what's the real problem? [HINT - she's just nineteen, which means...]
  6. 6. Where did you get those shoes? [HINT - almost, Spider. The man who gave me the news is the one who asked me this question. What was my answer?]
  7. 7. What did everyone stop to stare at? [Your technicolor motorhome - Barking Spider. Confession - I put this in here specifically for him.]
  8. 8. Who's a charmer like you've never seen? [HINT - she sings voulez voulez voulez vouz. There are three acceptable answers]
  9. 9. Daddy don't live where no more? [HINT - this is the title of the song]
  10. 10. Where am I never going back to? [My old school - Barking Spider]
  11. 11. Like this item, I foresee terrible trouble. What is it? (And what do I do?) [HINT - Spider's close, right song - fill in the missing lines]
  12. 12. Tonight when I face the dragon, what two things will happen? [HINT - OK, this wasn't fair. First, the water may change to cherry wine; second...]
  13. 13. How did you settle up your bill? [HINT - this is shortly after he caught you with your fingers in the till, and slapped your hand. Again - title of the song]
  14. 14. NEW ITEM - Now I can't wait 'till I move to the city - I'll finally make up my mind to do these two things.

Old 14. It's all in the game... and who are you? [This one was really mean, but it's one of my absolute faves. You're just another scurvy brother.]

With multi-part stuff, there's STILL a good amount to go on for now. Answer away!

** Double-secret bonus - this clip will spoil the answer, but it's fascinating: how Becker and Fagan actually laid down all the tracks for Peg. Includes some alternate guitar solos they rejected, shocking photos of everybody in 1977, and fun tidbits about all the crap they put Michael McDonald through.

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