Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Comics, the fourteenth frontier

It's Star Trek Week Time Interval at Dave's Long Box, and that means that he's bringing The Pain!™, Gold Key style.

In his latest installment, Hell freezes over.


I picture Lucifer sitting around, jacking the thermostat, watching minor demons start snowball fights and making snow angels (and he HATES that)... then he looks out his window and sees the Enterprise orbiting the Third Circle. That explains a lot, he says to himself.

We're still working on the explanations to the cover, though. Is that Kirk in the foreground? Whoever it is, he seems not to be taking things very seriously. I mean, it's HELL and it's FROZEN. He's about to break his spine over the cover narration, which tells us that his entire crew is doomed to disappear into space. How bad is this? Even Spock is freaking out.

Now dig Captain Combover.

Gee, did I leave the replicator on?

To be fair, he's only falling on his bum, while poor Spock is being physically dragged off by demons. Which brings up an important question: if you had both diabolical powers AND laser gun technology, would you shoot to trip?

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