Monday, December 17, 2007

Uno cheesesteak, por favor

Dieses ist Amerika. Bitte Auftrag auf englisch.

A small sign that asked customers to order in English at a famous cheesesteak shop was never meant to be offensive, the shop's owner testified Friday at a hearing to decide whether the policy was discriminatory.

Joe Vento, the owner of Geno's Steaks, defended his policy before the Philadelphia Commission on Human Relations, which filed the discrimination complaint.

"This country is a melting pot, but what makes it work is the English language," Vento told the commission. "I'm not stupid. I would never put a sign out to hurt my business."

Vento posted two small signs in October 2005 at his shop in a diverse South Philadelphia neighborhood, telling customers, "This is AMERICA: WHEN ORDERING PLEASE 'SPEAK ENGLISH.'"

In a visit to Geno's last year by the Fly and Mr. Bingley of the Coalition, we learn the real reason the civil rights pimps are bent over a cheesesteak joint.

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