Sunday, December 23, 2007

This is Bad...

….really, really, really bad.

The Lakeland elementary school principal arrested on child pornography charges Friday was expected to post a reduced bond and be granted pre-trial release Saturday, according to the Polk sheriff's office.

John Stelmack, principal of Lakeland's Scott Lake Elementary since fall 2006, was arrested by Polk County Sheriff's investigators Friday after a briefcase in his school office was found to contain digitally altered photographs of young girls and childlike naked women, investigators said. He faces five counts of possessing child pornography.

Lakeland is between Orlando and Tampa. What this guy did was take innocent pictures of little girls in his school, then past their faces on the kiddie porn pix. And he had this stuff in his office. Here‘s what started it:

The school district had been investigating Stelmack since last Friday, after faculty members complained about Stelmack's level of affection shown toward some students. He has been suspended with pay since that investigation began.

What’s more is that the school district hired this guy without receiving his personnel records from the school he resigned from in Buffalo, NY.

He’s out of the jail right now, but I hope he didn’t go home because we all own guns in Florida, and I can imagine there are a few daddies out there considering frontier justice.

Another thing that my Catholic friends have probably already noticed. I just googled “teacher, sex, student” and come up with 195,000 hits. But no one in the media is talking about an epidemic, or an organizational scandal like they did with the Catholic priests a few years ago. And we all know why.

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