Thursday, December 20, 2007

There's a fine line...

...between man's best friend and an entree.

Caddy was an 8-month-old, 50-pound German shepherd-Labrador mix.

His owners, Frank Manuma and Debbie Weil-Manuma, never had children. Debbie never even had a pet dog before. She said Caddy was their little boy.

On Sunday, Caddy was taken from them, and they know he's never coming back. They said police told them two men confessed to stealing the dog and one said the dog was slaughtered and eaten. They said that was confirmed by a third person who told police the dog was taken to his house, where it was slaughtered.

It's a Far East thing. I myself have dined on canine while I was on Guam many moons ago.

Michael Vick missed out on a moneymaking opportunity. You're killing the dogs anyway. You may as well open up a very special Asian restaurant.

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