Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Chapter five cooler

Heroes time, kids! Brickbats, kudos, and other comments cheerfully accepted below. Be advised, however, that I'm not well today, so be sure not to drink out of my cup.

My own thoughts below.... highlight any blanks if you don't mind spoilers.

1. I'm getting a little motion sickness from Matt's and Emo-hinder's sudden character lurches - they argue about Molly, then they switch sides to argue each other's points. Go find daddy already, so we can get this plot going.
2. Flying Man joins the party. Good. This plotline really didn't have enough moody, self-pitying men in it.
3. Hm. Daddy could be the Big Bad after all. If he traps people in their dreams, then it's likely that Sulu would have seen him as his worst nightmare, not as his tubby balding self. Then again, at least Matt and Nathan are starting to deal with things.
4. I wonder what exactly caused the company to split apart like it did?
5. Ladybug says that Micah is her favorite character right now. He is getting a lot to do, and seems like the best-adjusted of the heroes.
6. Dig the jeet kun do! Girl is going to be boss in a few episodes. Hope it happens before gang boy decides that he doesn't like people who have seen him committing crimes. Will she snap out of it before he comes back and shoots her coworkers? I think the manager is toast. (The girl will escape to give her the "why didn't you do something sooner?" speech.)
7. Amnesia Peter's not getting any brighter, but he's getting luckier.
8. Oh, she PAINTS. Guess where this is going? (And how long before one of the other characters asks Peter to recreate any of Isaac's missing eight paintings?)
9. In the words of Crow T Robot... "There goes a stupid, stupid man." Would it have been so hard to say, "Yeah, maybe saw him once after the football. We get a lot of people in here, can't say I know him." But no, so Brother Dear is (literal) toast. Emma Frost is a meanie. And who is HER daddy?
10. It looks cold in Russia. No word from Claire, but Emo-hinder calls. "I'm on Molly's side." So... you bring her back to the people you rescued her from in the first place? I'm getting whiplash from the character lurches. I hope this makes sense soon. Bright side - no creepy stalker dude.
11. "The moment you give them what you love the most, they have you." Good advice, HRG - except I'll have to point out that it was THEY who gave YOU what you love the most. Still, it's good advice.
12. Brief Kensei update. Over/under on SarahK rewinds of this segment: five.

Take it away!

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