Friday, October 05, 2007

Chin-chucking good

Today is Friday. In comic-blog-world, that means Bahlactus throws down with Friday Night Fights, and Chris Sims does the Week in Ink.

I've dug the ISB for a year or so now, and so it's only fitting to mark the occasion with a homemade boot to the craw:

Steal my voice for another character? TAKE THAT!
This is the inimitable Spike Spiegel crossing time, space, and my DVD shelf to clock Gin, the philosophic ronin from Samurai Champloo. Now, while it may make you sad that Spike would clobber a guy with glasses, just remember, he'd do the same to Vicious. The lesson, as always - don't let Spike Spiegel catch you walkin' around town with a sword, unless you like the taste of kick.

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