Monday, October 15, 2007

There's no atheist... a drunk atheist.

“At the end of the event as he staggered, sweating and red faced, out of the room, he [Hitchens] advanced on Father Rutler in a threatening and physical manner, screaming that this beloved pastor and brilliant scholar whom he had never met was ‘a child molester and a lazy layabout who never did a day’s work in his life’. His behavior was so frightening that a bodyguard put himself between Hitchens and Father Rutler to protect him. Several of the event organizers then escorted Hitchens to the men’s room and when he emerged he continued his psychotic rant, repeating the same calumnious and baseless screed as before. It was then that Father Rutler, in the most charitable manner, told Hitchens [for the second time] that he will `either die a madman or a Roman Catholic’. … Unless he faces his alcoholism soon, I am betting on the ‘madman’ ending for him.” (Private communication, name of source withheld by request, 17 September 2007)

Last May 1, Hitchens shows up at a debate about his "God Is Not Great" book and he was obviously sobriety deprived. Fr. Rutler called him on it.

I would have told Hitchens just about the same thing (without Fr. Rutler's brand loyalty).

Anyone trying to get sober without submitting to the One greater, well I wish you luck. As country singer Kenny Chesney would say, I've been there, that's why I'm here.

And it goes without saying that if James Dobson or Fr. Rutler went on a drunken screed against atheism you wouldn't have had to hear about it from me first.

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