Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Chapter six water cooler

Heroes, Chapter Six: "The Line." Nice touch with the Do Not Cross tape right there. Not subtle, but I like it.

I jotted extensive notes for this one, and Ladybug and I spent major time rewinding the Tivo on some things. This is what I wrote down, roughly in order. (Highlight the blanks at your own risk!)

1. Oirish Lass wants vengeance. She's coming with Pete to track down Shocking Blue to "kill the bitch," apparently with the power of Celtic Spunk.
2. Meanwhile, Claire is rapidly becoming her daddy's girl - lying to everyone, planning revenge of her own against the petty cheerleader. I don't think Creep Out Boy is a good influence on her. "I can fly; kind of renders parental guidance a moot issue." Ooooh, he's an edgy rebel with good hair, kiss him!
3. HRG is getting mean with his mentor, KGB.
4. Sylar and the Black Oil Twins... "I used to be able to do amazing things." (Like eat braaaains.) "I wanna be special." I am getting SICK of the Reset Button. Come on, advance the characters! Ah, that's better, it looks like he's putting the moves on Lady Black Oil Mbazo. Alejandro no likey - smart lad.
5. Ha, even the translator is getting into the Kensei subplot! Ando makes him rewind the Tivo.
6. Oops, there goes that boat ride on the Danube. And the favorite flower. KGB overhears the phone call, tries to use it to force a deal. Hm, maybe HRG isn't a double agent after all - at least, not yet.
7. The Sylar Express just got snagged at the border. Go Citizen Patrol! Fred Thompson says hi, kids.
8. Midas wants Emo-hinder to give a modified virus shot to Copy-Catwoman. And - he won't! It's mean! He tosses a chair into the conveniently-completely-glass cabinet holding everything! So, I'm guessing he quits.
9. Lady Black Oil Mbazo is getting goopy ON PURPOSE with the Citizen Patrol. (Score one for Kate and Cullen.) In chapter seven, Fred Thompson retaliates by outlawing all mascara-based super-powers. John Edwards is immediately arrested and deported.
10. Snotty Cheerbabe v 2.0 is brown bagging? Hoo boy. (Wasn't this a Law and Order episode?) Writing the squad's weights on their foreheads with a Sharpie - hello, body image problems. What a tool. Claire and Creep Out Boy creep her out. Jeepers, that was mean. I wonder how COB knew about the drinky-drinky, anyway? How many windows does this kid peek into? This isn't "public embarassment," this could get her stuck in juvie. Way to go, Daddy's Girl.
11. OK, back to Kensei. They find the swordsmith, who is also a gunsmith. Duhn duhn duhn. They have a plan. Hope that Emohinder does too - Bob wants to talk. (Duhn duhn duhn.) Whoa, he apologized. He wanted a failsafe to stop rogues like Sylar.
12. Big Trouble in Fuedal Japan. Kensei can actually fight some. Hiro overdoes the teleport dealio. And.... Yaeko is quicker on the uptake than Lois Lane. Together we can break history! And KENSEI SEES THEM. Boy, never saw THAT coming, did we? (But how the hell did he get there so fast anyway?)
13. Alejandro is whaling on Sylar. (Also quicker than Lois Lane.) Maya breaks it up, Sylar tells Alejandro that he's gonna eat their braaaaains, or just corrupt Maya (some more). Hm, I wonder exactly how "no speaka de English" he really is. I kind of thought that he was just blowing off stoner dude in the jail. This could come back to bite Sylar in the tuchis.
14. Well, Claire's having second thoughts NOW - but she has her little reward, and her cover story, and her Creep Out Boy. Not liking either of them.
15. Or HRG. I would suggest that he's pounding the Reset Button, but I actually think this is different. He definitely turned a corner last season - he's mean for Claire now, which almost makes it worse. Wonder why the Haitian is letting him do this. KGB gives it up. Tells HRG he's going to go to Hell. "I know." Uh-oh.
16. Kensei's not happy. History is super busted. So is the back of Hiro's head. He sold them all out. Could he have found them, AND gone back, AND set up his little ambush in that short of a time? This bears some further thought.
17. Bob's bein' nice, Niki replaces Matt as the second half of the Emo Power Couple, and HRG finds the paintings - and this time I played freeze-frame spy:
1/8 was Nakamura's death
2/8 was too sharp an angle to see
3/8 a vial of something (possibly viral in nature)
4/8 Niki/Jessica trying to escape the Take On Me video
5/8 a zombie-lookin' Peter and a new character in the corner
6/8 Hiro and Kensei throwing down
7/8 Dude with a gun, just fired. I thought it could be Alejandro, Ladybug says it's Sylar. She's probably right, she usually is about stuff like this
8/8 dead HRG with Claire held by an unknown party
What does it mean? Good question. It took us 30 minutes to figure out this much.
18. Peter finds a message waiting for him. Great, more time travel crap. "We were right about the Company. The World is in danger. It's up to us - Adam." OK, first off - right about the Company being evil, or being reformed? And second, who's Adam? [UPDATE - SarahK knows! I forgot the file thing in Midas' office while I was jotting notes. I am not nearly as extra-ordinary as SarahK!] Peter bamfs Oirish to Times Square, Holocaust Edition. They find an Evac Notice dated June 14, 2008 (a Saturday, I looked it up). Yay still frame: "...because of deteriorating conditions, at some point evacuation routes may be [closed] and the remaining people at risk will be directed to a test...." A test facility? It was hard to read that word, it was right on the edge of the picture.
I guess they will throw down in real time at the end of the season - June 9th or 16th.

COMING ATTRACTIONS - wow, The Stand + 28 Days Later = Heroes Season Two. AHA - painting five is actually Peter looking into a window that has a biohazard sign on it in the corner. Still can't recognize the new guy. And then my scroll ran out so I don't know the rest, but all in all? Great episode. More please - kthxbai.

oh, PS - this is the 800th post here in the Hive. That is a lot of blather, even for me. Thanks to all for sticking with me!

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