Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Water cooled, cooler filled

Heroes, season two, episode four... we are ready to go!

A few thoughts, in fabulous Spoiler Vision (where applicable):

1. Things are definitely picking up. Part of it (for me) is that people were much more likeable this time, even Mrs. Petrelli.
2. No love for the beard, even on TV.
3. Hah! Score one for the Fly - Midas IS one of the original twelve!
4. Whoa, Parkman Senior, Professional Bad Person.
5. Interesting. Apparently they liked Charlie's power so much they worked it back into the show. Along with Creepy Man-Child and gaijin Kensei, this is now a triple-double. This works for me. Why not have some powers that recur?
6. And we also have our first cockroach sighting of the season! Still don't know quite what that means, but one thing I know - Sylar's got the thing all great super-villains have, he's dangerous for reasons that have nothing to do with his "powers."
7. OK, I didn't hate the Mascara Twins this week.
8. Score one for whomever it was who said that Derek had boosted Claire's Nissan. (Though this week the show was sponsored by Saab, so clearly somebody's got to steal something else real soon.)
9. More later. You have a turn!

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