Friday, October 19, 2007

Da Knights

Rutgers used two fake kicks and a monster game from Ray Rice to beat USF 30-27.

Rice had been considered to drop out of Heisman Trophy consideration a few weeks ago after the Knights dropped two straight, but 181 yards against the #2 team in the country - who hadn't allowed a 100 yard rusher since Rice did it last year - may catch some notice.

Yeah, ok, he did fumble in the fourth quarter, but this is Rutgers. They can't win a big game without giving the Loyal Sons a heart attack first.

I really feel most sorry for Auburn, who is going up against LSU this weekend. As if they weren't motivated enough to win, the Tigers now know that they can move back up in the rankings.

PS - oh, yeah - Isles won too. Take that, uncle jim!

PPS - updated 12:50 pm - Kurt Snibbe of chimes in on Page 2:

I still prefer the old goofy-Knight mascot.
It kind of looks like Babe's big green cousin, pining for the fjords.

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