Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Forgive Me Fly, For I Have Sinned!

It has been five days since my last confession. (Of course evangelicals make confessions, maybe a little more informally than our Catholic friends.)

I am a racist/bigot/sexist/homophobe. I tried to change my ISP last week, and I was running into technical difficulties which later on I discovered was cause by customer support's inability to understand American English. I have no issue with outsourcing as long as I can get service. I haven't changed my ISP.

Today I called the Hillsborough County Clerk's Office to schedule an appointment to apply for a passport. The county employee whose job is to set these appointments could barely speak English. Hopefully I have that appointment.

As a believer I know I should learn Spanish to be able to tell more people about the Lord. But to have to learn Spanish to function in my own state and my own local government?

There is no problem. I'm just a racist/bigot/sexist/homophobe (or heterosexist).

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