Tuesday, May 13, 2008

The American League East...

...has a new team in first place.
Gabe Gross delivered a game-winning single in the 11th inning, scoring pinch-runner Jonny Gomes, as the first-place Rays beat the Yankees, 2-1, on Tuesday night. The win marked Tampa Bay's 11th straight at home, and the first time the club has been in first place this late in the season.
It looks like this:
Rays 23-16 - .590
Bos 24-18 .5 .571
Bal 20-19 3.0 .513
NYY 19-21 4.5 .475
Tor 19-22 5.0 .463
Last August I was up in NYC, proudly wearing my Rays hat in downtown Manhattan. Boy, did I get stares. I wish I could do that today!!!
This is no fluke; these guys are for real. This team has stunk on ice for 10 years - 10 years of Yankees and Bosox fans filling our stadium and cheering on the enemy. Well now the worm has turned, and it is such a joy to watch these slubs go home (They live down here! They haven't lived in Nuuu Yawk in thirty years!) with their heads hanging down.

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