Sunday, May 11, 2008

Only in San Francisco...

...can you have street yoga.
San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom is attempting to find a way to close a major stretch of roadway to allow residents to do yoga in a wide open space.
Newsom said by closing a 3 1/2-mile stretch of road, residents would be able to indulge their yoga, bicycling or dancing hobbies in the Bay Bridge's shadow, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Saturday.
"The closures would all take place on Sundays in either August or September and would only last for four hours, but nonetheless Newsom said he knows the plan will be controversial.
Yet Newsom feels the temporary road closures would allow San Francisco to join the ranks of Paris or Bogota, Colombia, cities that close off major thoroughfares for humanistic pursuits.
"If we're a world-class city, then let's act like a world-class city and create a sense of city pride and take advantage of our unique character," the mayor told the Chronicle.
Surely this city has greater priorities than outdoor yoga on the weekends. Consider the reaction to this if it was proposed by the mayor of Tampa or Jersey City.

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