Thursday, May 01, 2008

I Should Have Watched AI

Last night, after it became clear that The Rays were going to hammer the O's, I surfed over to CBS to see what the TV show Criminal Minds was up to.

In this episode, the feds were after a killer who was meeting other guys in gay bars, taking them out and killing them. So the feds visit the killer's father to talk to him. When Dear Old Dad started talking about the importance of his Christian faith, I knew where this was headed.

And CBS did not disappoint. Bible-thumping homophobic father turns his gay son into a psycho killer. Gee, like I haven't seen that on TV before!

I did what everybody else was doing and went to AI in time to catch Neil Diamond's great performance.

Next week on Criminal Minds: Islamic father suspected in honor killing. Yeah, when pigs fly.

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