Friday, May 23, 2008

It's ladies night

Sorry to gang up on the Lord's Own Hockey around here, but this is pretty big news - three women (Cammie Granato, Geraldine Heaney and Angela James) will be enshrined in the International Ice Hockey Federation Hall of Fame. (Note that this is not the same outfit as the Hockey Hall of Fame in Toronto.)

This is especially interesting since the Puck Stops Here featured a couple of conversations on this topic two months ago. After the initial to-and-fro (check the comments), PHS posted a follow-up with his reasoning.

Manon Rheaume is not one of the three women to be inducted. Of course, neither is Danielle Goyette, whom I mentioned as a good candidate, so I suppose we're all square. And there's always next years' inductions. As of right now, however, I stand by my earlier position - Rheaume was very well-known and thus a key to developing women's hockey, but actual Hall of Fame enshrinement as a player should be reserved for those pioneers that kept with it the way Granato, Heaney, and James did.

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