Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yet another mush

So he was kidding, but the joke is on me. The Penguins are down two games to none against Detroit, and have failed to score a single goal.

However, I note that Sid Crosby has played well despite the constant attention from the Red Wings, and the ratings for the Finals are up 157%. People are tuning in and this will help the league as long as the games are interesting. He also has at least two games to really turn it up - more, depending on how far up he turns it.

In other news, maybe I should use my jinxing powers for good --

It's not Omar Minaya's fault! The poor guy is saddled with a terrible bullpen, first baseman, and bench! Mike Pelfrey needs another 25 starts to turn it around! The Mets will go 65-97 and the new stadium will burn down, so it's pointless to trade for some help for this season! Under no circumstances should they attempt to sign Mark Teixeira, his name's too hard to spell anyway!

Do you think it will work?

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