Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Speaking of bright bulbs

Apparently the San Diego State University campus is experiencing a brown-out.

On Tuesday, authorities announced that 96 young men -- including 75 students -- had been arrested on a variety of drug charges as a result of Operation Sudden Fall, which infiltrated seven fraternities on Fraternity Row and Fraternity Circle.

The cops just recruited several young officers to serve undercover, and within a matter of months they were tapped into the whole scene.

One of the alleged drug dealers is 19 and recently had been praised as a model student in a university publication. Another was just a month away from earning a master's degree in homeland security and had worked with the campus police as a security officer. ... A criminal justice major was arrested on suspicion of possession of cocaine. As he was being arrested, he asked officers if this would hurt his chances for a law enforcement career, officials said.

Nah, you're cool, man.

One suspect, Kenneth Ciaccio, 19, a member of the Theta Chi fraternity, sent out a mass text message early last month to "faithful customers," saying that he was traveling to Las Vegas and would not be able to make his normal cocaine sales, the DEA said.

Mr. Ciaccio is the aforementioned "model student" from the university publication, since taken offline. I love the text message bit, too.

o hai
in LV for wknd
no coke til Mon

On the bright side, he and his fellows can look forward to working the other side of the aisle.

Although the investigation was widely praised in San Diego, the nationwide group Drug Policy Alliance blasted it as "sensationalistic" and futile. The group believes in the decriminalization of marijuana and favors increased drug education and treatment over mass arrests.

They must have missed the part about the cocaine, meth, and Ecstasy.

I think it's time to run off some appropriate t-shirts for these upstanding citizens.

The frat guys gave them to me!

(Hat tip to Tracey for the story.)

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