Friday, May 23, 2008

McCain dumps Hagee..

..and Pastor Garnish.

After enduring criticism for weeks, John McCain broke Thursday with two controversial televangelists whose endorsements he once trumpeted in a bid to win support from religious conservatives.At a late-afternoon rally in Stockton, McCain said he rejected the endorsement of John Hagee after learning of a recording in which the San Antonio pastor portrayed Adolf Hitler as being sent by God to force Jews "to come back to the land of Israel.

Now, McCain didn't sit in this guy's pew for 20 years, but he did actively seek Hagee's endorsement. So this criticism is fair. While it is lawful for a pastor to personally endorse a candidate, it is unwise to do so.

But this hightlights a greater issue in Evangelicaldom: end times prophecy. Now between you, me and the blogosphere, Jesus showing up sometime this afternoon would solve a lot of my problems. But we must be wary of what some call headline eschatology; that is, trying to force current events into the book of Revelation. Twenty years ago, Saddam Hussein was the Antichrist, seventy years ago it was Hitler, many times it was the Pope (Some though that when JP2 was shot back in 1981 that was the fatal injury that the Antichrist survived).

My pastor preaches about this occasionally. However, unlike pastors who endorse McCain he is not given into kookery. He plainly points out what we know and what we do not know.

But we all know Hillary is the Great Harlot of Babylon, right?

No wait! Obama's the Antichrist!

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