Saturday, June 14, 2008

Are You Smarter Than a Five-Year-Old?

If you're letting one put permanent marks on your body, maybe not.
Tiny Emilie Darrigade is the world's youngest tattoo artist — after inking an intricate design on her dad's arm at the age of just five.

Emilie etched the detailed picture of a bumble bee surrounded by a laurel crown on dad Dave's forearm at a tattoo parlor.

"It was quite impressive due to the weight of the tattoo machine," said Dave.

And he says the sight of Emilie working on his arm caused quite a stir in the busy parlor.

He said: "Everyone who was in the shop, and it's a big shop, came to see Emilie at work and were all amazed and stunned at her relaxed demeanor.

"Now she says she wants me to get a new tattoo of a skeleton head with cross bones and fire so that will probably be our next project."
I'm not a tattoo guy, and from what I understand they can be removed. But it's kind of like divorce (painful and expensive). Is this a procedure you want to trust with someone who can barely hold the machine?
One more thing. I'm not a parent so maybe I'm a little out of touch, but if my little girl liked the flaming skull and cross bones tattoo it would bother me.

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