Monday, June 23, 2008

We can wiirk it out without me

No, just kidding. I kind of remembered late last week so I skipped it. I didn't remember at all this past weekend because the frost is off the ground, and moving day is at hand.

Yeah, pretty much all of my working out this past two weeks? Aside from an actual, honest-to-goodness quarter-mile JOG (with running and everything), it's been box packing, box hauling, box schlepping, box stacking, and interludes of taping and painting. Oh, and a little hockey. I play in two different divisions at my league - we went undefeated in regulation in each division (at least for games I played) - until, you guessed it, the playoffs. Then it was a shutout loss in the one, and a crushing shootout loss in the other. (We joked, somewhat bitterly, that we would get the pity point next season. This was a tough one to take.)

The benefit? We cooked real food in our real house yesterday. No, well, that's a little bit of a fib. We microwaved pre-fab food in our not-entirely-assembled house yesterday, but it didn't come off a take-out menu or a brown baggie, so I'm going to go ahead and count it.

We haven't packed the scale yet, but there's no real news there. I still fluctuate within the same five-pound range. Neither top nor bottom is willing to budge, primarily because most of my current activities aren't revving my heart up to any sort of sustained higher rate. In fact I found and unpacked a pair of shorts I bought a few years ago: now they're uncomfortably snug around the tummy. There's a wake-up call.

My goal isn't necessarily to lose weight - I just want to redistribute it a little so I don't wind up resembling a tall Weeble. Eventually I'd like to get back up to being able to jog a mile or go on a half-hour bike ride without feeling like a popped balloon.

See how SarahK and the peeps are doing!

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