Saturday, June 07, 2008

I was wearing my Rays hat in Walmart.

The guy behind me in checkout was wearing a Bosox hat. We looked at each other briefly and I thought, "Does he want to throw down?"
The Rays were unhappy with the severity of the discipline handed out for Thursday's brawl against Boston but remained unrepentant about their actions.
Major League Baseball acted swiftly and severely against the Rays, suspending five players for a total of 23 games, including James Shields (six), Jonny Gomes and Edwin Jackson (five each), Carl Crawford (four) and Akinori Iwamura (three).
Only three Red Sox were suspended for a total of 15 games — three for Sean Casey, five for pitcher Jon Lester and seven for Coco Crisp, who started the melee by charging the mound after being hit by Shields' pitch.
This isn't the old Devil Rays anymore; these guys aren't going to be pushed around anymore. Coco Crisp started it - he tried to take out Aki and Shield hit him in the leg with a pitch for payback. It should have ended there but Coco charged the mound and got what was coming to him.
The Rays are 1/2 game behind the Bosox. They have 36 wins after 61 games; last year it took 100 games to reach that mark.

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