Wednesday, June 18, 2008

So yeah, I got nothing

update, 6-19: Cullen suggests "kwizatz haderach" as a preferred career option. I'm not sure I could handle my name being a killing word, but...

We have wormsign!
(pic courtesy of ICHC)

So I may as well meme along with Kate and Word Girl.

1. If you could choose one career, regardless of your natural-born talents/station in life, what would it be?
I can already tell that this is going to be the Meme I Constantly Correct. First, this is hardly an "if" question - don't most people already choose their career? And why on earth would I choose a career with no regard to my natural-born talents? Sure, I drop stuff and my hands twitch at random, and I flunked out of shop class because I cut the power cord of my own circular saw - but hell, brain surgeon sounds fun!

If you still want an answer, then it's "professional writer." Unless Jedi Knight is available, because, you know - guardian of peace and justice in the Republic? Mad powers? Bitchen lightsaber and a sweet ride - in outer spaaaaace? Full of awesome. (And to hell with the PC ninnyhammer pferdkaese that Lucas is peddling right now, I'd do this RIGHT.)

2. Do you have a tattoo? If so, what is it? If not, would you get one? What would you get?
No, and Do Not Want.

3. Movie theater or DVD rental?
I like the theater experience, especially for certain "event" movies where a whole group of friends goes together. Otherwise, I love the freedom of pausing, reviewing, and devouring special features.

4. What's your current pet peeve?
I really don't have one. Life's good. But I would like an actual pet - at least, besides the hamster.

5. Fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction - currently writing like nobody's business, so I need light fare. I've been rattling through the Bond books. (There's a post in that, too.)
Non-fiction - Edmund Morris, Theodore Rex. I'm as far as the Brownsville Riots.

6. What's your typical breakfast?
A bowl of oatmeal and some coffee. Bagels if we're having a meeting at work.

7. Vegetable you hate?
Can't think of one. Honestly. Even Brussels sprouts are good if you cook them correctly. (And lima beans are legumes.)

8. If you could magically play a musical instrument as well as a professional, what would it be?
Tough one. The dynamic frontman in me says guitar (and especially if the related instruments are included, such as bass, mandolin, banjo). (Sorry Cullen.) But if I'm in a background mood, or just want some light cocktail music, I lean toward the piano, so I can tuck away in the corner and play Brubeck at some swank soiree.

9. Do you believe in luck?
Luck is the residue of design - or in other words, I don't when I'm catching the breaks, but if not - wicked bad luck! Fate! Anything but me!

10. Are you overly concerned about your physique?
Not overly. I don't need to look like an underwear model. Mostly my concern is for my health, and not having to buy larger pants every year.

11. Cat or dog?
Why yes, thanks - one of each. (I do prefer cats, for the record, but grew up with both and have a good appreciation for the virtues of each.)

12. Do you like manual labor?
"Fresh air, exercise.... hells yeah." My job involves a fair amount of it, and I also enjoy doing yard work and home projects. Good to finally have a home and yard in which to do them...

13. If you are female, do you wear makeup?
Not applicable.

14. (Male or female) Do you pluck or wax your eyebrows?
I only have the one, and it is untouchable. Lay off my monobrow.

15. What's your ultimate vacation?
Meaning, the last vacation I took, or my "dream" vacation? (OK - it's pet peeve time after all - "ultimate" does NOT mean "fantasy," it means "final." Can't stand "Ultimate" Sporting Event or "Ultimate" Product or any such ingoramus description - next season everybody starts all over again, and there is going to be another, better product in about fifteen minutes, so knock it off already.)

The last vacation I took was my honeymoon. I'm looking forward to getting away during the summer for a little bit to visit friends and catch up with the Adorables.

16. If you could retire to anyplace, regardless of money, where would you spend your twilight years?
Arrrrgh. At least it's a consistant usage. And I should lay off the crotchety grammarian shtick, or use the "get off my lawn" tag. Anyway, I do know what this means - if money was no object, if it didn't cost me anything, where to, pal?

I would stay close to family; or else, I would stay close to where I could go to them (or bring them to me) whenever we felt like it. Perhaps a big ol' Gaia-whuppin' RV, so we could travel wherever and see what-all struck our fancy.

17. Who do you envy?
WHOM, consarnit! But half-credit for using "envy" instead of "jealousy." (Tag updated. It's just too late for me.) And really, I don't envy anyone. Remember "Richard Cory"? I have enough to do living the life I already have without wanting someone else's life for my own.

What is the point in worrying
Hardly seems worth the time
Make yourself sick with wondering
If yours is better than mine
-- "Partridge," the Anderson Council

18. Do you wish you were filthy rich?
No - but I often wish that I could do the things that require filthy richness. I'd love to endow a big charitable foundation as a private alternative to government programs: probably in education, since the world needs strong schools focusing on classical knowledge, achievement, and equal opportunity; or else pro-fatherhood and pro-family concerns.

Also, I would own the New York Islanders.

19. Is your house clean and tidy or dirty and disorganized?
It's disorganized, since we've had workmen scuttling about, filling all the holes with electrical sockets and appliances and such. But the parts that are finished are tidy and well-organized.

20. What do you miss about your twenties?
I miss HAVING twenties. Andy Jackson hasn't seen the inside of my wallet in months. As for the age, the only thing I miss (kinda sorta) is the extra time. I should have gotten off the starting line a little more promptly. Now I have to make up for it with a little giddy-up around the far turn. (That's another post, by the way, but not for now.)

Anyone else who wishes, feel free to jump in.

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