Friday, June 06, 2008

Wiirkout Blog Club

That is not an Icelandic cabal of internet hooligans, but SarahK's idea (and her neologism). She has a Wii, got the Wii Fit program, and is dedicating herself to fitnessing up. I own no Wii, but I am also interested in fitnessing up, so every Friday I will report to all y'all on what I've done (however shoddy or haphazard), and the (lack of) effect it had.

As a baseline, I can tell you that over the past week, I've played a couple of hockey games (two wins, huzzah), packed a whole mess of boxes, schlubbed said boxes from the apartment to the house, helped paint or prime three rooms, and have lost a grand total of no weight whatsoever. Truth be told, I'm not really in it to lose a lot of weight anyway - I haven't that much to spare, thankfully - but I'd love to recover some of my lost aerobic capacity. Morning jogs are the next step, as well as a good old-fashioned 50's gym class regimen: stretching, push ups, etc.

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