Friday, June 13, 2008

A quiz in the Mighty Marvel manner

Excelsior! We have our very own shell head, and he wears a toque over his helmet.

As for me? Well, I don't know. The quiz won't work for me for some reason. I will try again later, but in the meantime, you can jump in and let me know how it goes - which superhero are you?

UPDATE, minor bump - pretty cool.

This would make Spider into Luke Cage. Not a bad gig. We may have to update our costumes to be less disco chic, however. (And that should read Danny Rand, not "Danny R and." I have a reputation to uphold now.)

I think it's time for Chris Sims to finally answer this question once and for all. Is he going to turn out to be Thor? Or, more awesomely, Volstagg? Or will he use his vast knowledge of comics to cheat the quiz... ?

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