Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Surge in Iraq...

....made it safe for reporters to date again.

Sexy CBS siren Lara Logan spent her days covering the heat of the Iraq war - but that was nothing compared to the heat of her nights.

The "60 Minutes" reporter and former swimsuit model apparently courted two beaus while she was in Baghdad, and has been labeled a homewrecker for allegedly destroying the marriage of a civilian contractor there, sources said.

Passions got so hot in the combat zone that one of her lovers, Joe Burkett, brawled in a Baghdad "safe house" with her other paramour, CNN war reporter Michael Ware, a source said.

In drawing our Venn diagram of politics and whorism, where does the media fit in?

The "60 Minutes" reporter and former swimsuit model. Just meditate on that phrase for awhile.

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