Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Obama Salvation

This pic is not a gag. It's from Reuters.

The latest example of mainstream media love for the Obamessiah is in one of our locals, the St. Pete Times. They have a section called Politifact, which gauges the truthfulness of the candidites. This Politifact section gave Obama's church a complete whitewash before Revvum "Ridin' Dirty" Wright became a Youtube hit.

In an article about how Hillary's campaign failed because of her inaccuracies, The St Pete Times has to explain why the Dali-Obama was less accurate than Hillary:

Of course, PolitiFact has caught Obama in plenty of mistakes, too. In fact, he has earned more False and Pants on Fire ratings (13) than Clinton (9). But, like other candidates, Obama's mistakes have come pretty consistently throughout the campaign, while Clinton had a strong record for accuracy until March and then a spotty one after that.

So Hillary's mistake was that her lies were more concentrated; that she should have been a more consistent liar like Obama. And this paper wonders why it has to layoff employees.

Why is Fr. Pfleger still a priest? I thought churches not having the huevos to perform church discipline was an evangelical problem, but it appears to be ecumenical in nature.

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