Thursday, June 12, 2008

Makes sense to me

I mean, if his mere nomination becalms the seas and heals the land, then it must be doubleplus sinful to criticise his wife, right?

This must be where the new folks are headed.

(hat tips - Rachel Lucas for the original link, and commenter Pat Berry for the Onion story.)

Bonus fun - from the original link, a picture of Air America's Rachel Maddow, with the graphic "Will Women Come Home to Obama?" So many jokes, so little bandwith... But the larger question is, come home to Obama? As in, that's where they belong, and not doing anything like voting for McCain? I call that fishy, the suggestion that the women's vote is the bloc birthright of the Democrats, and not something to be asked for. And Heavens above, certainly not a matter of individual women making up their own minds, voting their consciences!

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